Wodonga Taxis takes action in the coronavirus mayhem...

Updated: Jun 12

Wodonga Taxis takes action in the coronavirus mayhem...

Wodonga Taxis is taking precaution, as regional Australia braces itself for the Coronavirus, urging citizens to take a common sense approach and offering extra care for its passengers.

Scott Cowie, Chair of Wodonga Taxis, has announced that from Monday 16th March, the company will provide anti-bacterial wipes and tissues in all its vehicles.

Cowie expressed they are conscious of the genuine concern and fear in the community, and are responding accordingly. “We have always prided ourselves on clean, reliable cabs, but we understand now, more than ever, the public needs to know that hygiene and safety is paramount. It’s about being alert, taking sensible precautions and getting back to basics.”

“We want to reassure people, but also let them know that our service is still here and on the front foot in terms of health and safety.” Cowie said while many rely on public transport daily, there had not been much information on public transport in the media, or a public response from the wider transport industry.

If people have relied on Wodonga Taxis’ services in the past, or are looking to use them moving forward, the company is here to help. “We know there are going to be changes to how businesses operate in the coming months, but we are absolutely committed to serving our local community.”

For further information, please contact Scott Cowie, Chair of Wodonga Taxis Limited.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tel: 0412 691 371 Email: wodongataxis@bigpond.com⠀⠀

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