Transporting COVID-19 positive passengers in WAVs

Updated: Jun 12

WAV drivers are not patient transport or public health professionals and will require instruction in correctly wearing, removing and disposing of PPE as well as cleaning techniques and waste management.

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria has distributed a document advising of the rules and regulations of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles that are transporting COVID-19 positive passengers.

The document includes information on:-

Vehicle Preparation prior to the COVID-19 positive passenger entering the vehicle

1. Hand hygiene

2. Seat labelling

3. Covering of cloth seats

4. Opening windows

Driver must dress in specific personal protection equipment (PPE)

1. Hand hygiene

2. Gloves

3. Mask

4. Eyewear

5. Outer garment

COVID-19 positive passengers must dress in specific personal protection equipment

1. Gloves

2. Mask

3. Outer garment

Operational Planning, Controls and Assurance

1. Breakdown or collision procedure

2. Signage to prevent a new passenger from entering the vehicle before it has been cleaned

3. Drop-off and pick-up passenger procedures

4. Luggage and cargo procedures

5. Access to appropriate quantities of PPE and cleaning products

6. Waste disposal arrangement

Read the CPVV ‘Transporting COVID-19 Positive Passenger Guidelines’ document at

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