Feel Good Story – Bellingen Shire Taxis & Limousine Services (NSW)

Updated: Jun 12

Bellingen Shire Taxis & Limousine Services in NSW have commenced their new initiative TAXI TUCKER & BEVY deliveries and pick up service to adapt to the changing times. Taxi Tucker & Bevy will deliver any items from local restaurants, bottle shops, supermarkets and other stores directly to the doors of the community in Bellingen Shire, Dorrigo and Mylestom. The service will also have daily trips to Coffs Harbour. They have also adopted robust cleaning and hygiene practices for their taxis to stop the spread of the virus and provide essential transport services to the community of the region.

Taxis are being disinfected regularly and all taxi drivers in the region are provided with a safety and hygiene kit consisting of disinfectant, gloves, masks, hand sanitiser and other cleaning essentials.


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