Drivers, Take Care

Updated: Jun 12

Despite less road traffic, you must remember to be careful and drive safely.

Motorists should not treat the noticeable reduction in traffic because of COVID-19 restrictions as a green light to speed, drive under the influence or flout other important road safety laws, a leading personal injuries lawyer has warned.

Canda Glanville, a Principal at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, said too many lives were still being lost on Victorian roads despite fewer people getting behind the wheel since restrictions were brought in to help slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. “The reality is that common factors associated with road trauma – speed, alcohol, fatigue, inattention and failing to wear seatbelts – have not all gone away just because there are fewer vehicles on our roads each day,” she said.

“Already this year we’ve lost more than 80 people to road trauma, many of whom died in completely avoidable circumstances. And let’s not forget that for every person killed on our roads another 30 people are injured, some who will never fully recover.”

She said while most people were now only driving short distances for essential items or services, it was important to remember that many crashes happened close to home.

There are also more cyclists sharing the roads at present due to people dusting off their old bikes or buying new ones to get some exercise during the lockdowns, she added.

“Regardless of how much traffic is on the road, or how far we are driving, we all need to give the road and everyone on it 100 per cent focus to help ensure that no more lives are needlessly lost or ruined.”

Article from DRIVE A2B's May 2020 Issue here.

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