Do you need a WWCC or WWVP?

Every Australian State and Territory has rules regarding the calibre of people

allowed to work regularly with children. ACT and Tasmania even extend this rule to include those who work with adults who are disadvantaged, and the applicant must pass a Working With Vulnerable Persons (WWVP) check. In the other States the applicant must undergo and attain a Working With Children Check.

The government requirement for drivers of taxis, hire cars, limousines and ride-share vehicles (industry drivers) in Australia varies from State to State. ACT, South Australia and Tasmania require all industry drivers to have a WWVP or WWCC. Yet in all other States and NT the industry drivers are only required to have a current WWCC or WWVP if they are providing a service that is specifically for children.

All around Australia this industry has been hit severely by the COVID-19 pandemic and is only just now starting to get back on its feet. The industry drivers who have remained working during this crisis have built a great rapport with their passengers. There is currently great community confidence in our industry and now is probably a good time to build on that by insisting that all industry drivers must have a WWCC or WWVP.

Surely our travelling public deserve to be protected and assured that their driver is fit and proper to be transporting them.

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