CPVV Meeting Report – 27 May 2020

Transport Alliance Australia representatives were at this week’s CPVV COVID-19 update meeting. The message they are hearing from the regulator is that:

  1. CPVV is right on top of the fraud that is occurring within the MPTP system, and some people are even saying that the MPTP system has changed – no it hasn’t altered one little bit, and if you’re doing the wrong thing, it will catch you.

  2. MPTP trips are still way down compared to last year – 62% down.

  3. It was unable to provide any statistics on regular Booked and Unbooked Trips.

  4. There has been an influx in manufacturing and supplying of safety screens. CPVV is not regulating these; it have no jurisdiction over them. But you, drivers and owners, have a responsibility and duty of care to ensure that the screen is both safe to drivers and passengers and that it can be easily and fully cleaned.

  5. Looking forward, the CPVV’s message is for commercial passenger drivers to keep themselves clean and maintain hygienic awareness for both themselves and passengers. Drivers are to wipe down frequent traffic and high touch areas each time passengers leave their vehicle, and a full clean must be done at the end of each shift. At this stage CPVV has nothing else to suggest or offer in how the Victorian commercial passenger industry can move forward with confidence.

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