CPVV Meeting Report – 15 April 2020

Updated: Jun 12

Representatives from Transport Alliance Australia were once again in attendance at Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) industry stakeholders’ video meeting on Wednesday 15 April 2020. Here are the highlights of the meeting.

1. CPVV didn’t have any major updates to be reported. There is still nothing about financial assistance for people in the CPV industry, but apparently there is much talk happening and hopefully we will receive more news next week.

2. BSPs are now able to complete an online form at the CPVV website (https://cpv.vic.gov.au/booking-service-providers/coronavirus-covid-19), requesting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), however the only PPE available at this stage is hand sanitiser. These goods are not free and will be invoiced to the BSP. BSPs may choose to implement a cost recovery model themselves, but no margins are to be placed on the forward sale of the product.

3. International passenger transfers began last weekend. Not everyone will get an opportunity to do this work, yet the intent is to share as much work as possible across all organisations within the Victorian commercial passenger vehicle industry. Federal Government recently stated that international borders will have restrictions until at least Christmas – therefore this procedure will continue for quite a while.

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