Common Car Touch Points

Common car touch points must be cleaned with minimum 70% isopropyl alcohol.

The common car touch points include:

  • Key/remote and/or Engine start button

  • Door handle(s) and boot handle

  • Boot release (internal)

  • Seat adjustment controls (and seat memory buttons)

  • Rearview mirror and side mirror controls

  • Window controls

  • Hand brake

  • Whole steering wheel, buttons and tilt/ telescope adjustment

  • Indicators and wiper stalks

  • Seat belt buckle (receptacle and tongue)

  • Gear Shift

  • Touchscreen

  • All dashboard controls

  • Any centre console controls

  • Overhead controls

  • Grab handles

  • Armrests, centre console latch

  • Glove box, air vents, etc.

  • Radio mouthpiece (if applicable)

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