Borders are closed for 90 days

From 8 July, you’ll need a border entry permit to travel from Victoria to NSW, except if you're entering NSW:

• as an emergency or law enforcement services worker

• for medical or hospital services

• to avoid injury or escape a risk of harm

• to attend court or to meet other legal


Permits are in place to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health and jobs of NSW residents.

This closure is operating on a permit system for EVERYONE. Regardless of the person’s status – essential services, freight operator, travelling home, caring for relatives, seeking health assistance, travelling to work, students, etc.,

• EVERYONE must have a permit to travel across the border.

• Permit will be valid for 14 days.

• Individuals must apply for the permit.

• No bulk applications for permits are allowed.

• EVERYONE (not just the Driver) travelling in a vehicle MUST have a permit.

• For booked jobs the BSP should be checking that passengers have a permit.

• It is not the CPV Driver’s responsibility to check the passenger has a permit, but everyone

is encouraged to check before the trip commences.

• You will not get over the border without all passengers having a permit.

You can apply for the Exemption Permit at the Service NSW website at

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