Airtax introduces FREE 10 Minute Tax Chats

Updated: Jun 12

Introducing Airtax’s 10 Minute Tax Chat 

Tax Chat is a new, free 10 minute consultation from Airtax to help you understand an assortment of tax related issues you may be facing. 

What you can ask

As part of this phone call, you'll get familiar with Airtax so you know you’re on the right track, and together you'll break down exactly what you need to do to stay up-to-date with the ATO. 

If you are an existing customer then the types of questions you might want to ask are:

  • Which deductions you can and can’t claim if you’re working from home 

  • The status of a lodgement (although you can send Airtax an email for a faster response often to

  • How having private medical coverage impacts your tax return

  • How you access a previous Airtax tax return

  • Whether GST / BAS is applicable to you

  • Details of government support programs such as JobKeeper

If you are not currently an Airtax customer, they would still love to chat to you but can only provide you generic information, rather than anything specific to your situation.

They're constantly working on providing easy to understand tax information via their Airtax Help Centre, so recommend you check out there too. 

Who is this service for?

Anyone who has a tax question and isn’t sure where to turn to. Airtax will do their best to support you, or find someone who can help.

How to book

Book your tax chat here.

This is the perfect opportunity to clear up your general tax concerns with a pro.

Have more questions? Or want to chat a bit longer?

If you need some more time with a PwC tax specialist (say in order complete a personal tax return with a specialist) you can book a Tax Companion call. This is a longer call that can be scheduled at a time that suits you and will cost $259. To book, you will need to sign up to Airtax (which is free) and as part of tax companion, you’ll get your first income tax or BAS lodgement for free. Learn more and book here

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