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DRIVE A2B is published by Trade Promotions Pty Ltd, Ashwood Vic Australia

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We distribute DRIVE A2B magazine all around Australia - every state and territory.  

We print 6,750 copies and have a circulation of around 46,300

The magazine goes to:

  • 13cabs major depots Australia-wide

  • Government regulators

  • Limo Action Group Qld

  • South Australia Taxi Council members

  • NSW Taxi Council members (individual and networks)

  • Black & White Cabs depots (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast)

  • Swan Taxis, WA

  • Transport Alliance Australia - Victoria, members

  • Victorian VTHF members

  • Major airports - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth

  • Industry suppliers

Also uploaded to many Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and LinkedIn.