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Questions and Answers for Taxi, Hire Car and Rideshare Passengers and Drivers

Driver Action Plan:

COVID-19 Action Plan by Rod Barton

Transport Matters Party leader and Eastern Metro MP Rod Barton has put together an Action Plan for commercial passenger vehicle drivers and operators, to help keep them afloat during this COVID-19 crisis.

Click here to view the Action Plan.

Info from NSW Taxi Council:


Cleaning Advice

TfNSW (Transport for NSW) has teamed up with NSW Taxi Council, and they have released Taxi Cleaning Advice for taxi drivers; it is crucial that taxi drivers heed this precautionary advice.

Please take the time to watch above the Taxi Cleaning Advice: Dr Armand Casolin – Chief Medical Officer of TfNSW – discusses how to best clean and sanitise a taxi.

Q: Do you need a separation certificate to be able to claim the JobSeeker payments?

NSW Taxi Council has received this question, and this is the official answer: 

No, a separation certificate for sole traders or people who are self employed is not required, as it is not available. This is applicable to a number of Taxi Drivers and Taxi Operators.

However, you will be required to make a declaration that your business has been suspended or has had turnover significantly reduced.

See page 2 on the Income Support Fact Sheet (under the accelerated claim process heading, 3rd bullet point) here.

As Taxis are deemed as an essential service at this current time, you may still be able to drive a taxi, earning an income and still be receiving JobSeeker support payments.


How much you receive will depend on your individual circumstances. You will need to discuss your situation with Centrelink to work out what this means for you.

Click here to receive information on business support:

Click here to visit My Gov to apply for JobSeeker payments:

Hygiene Qualification Training by TAA & DRVR

Hygiene qualification launched for taxi industry // 

A hygiene training course for taxi and personalised transport drivers was launched today to ensure drivers understand and use the best hygiene practises during the COVID-19 crisis.

Transport Alliance Australia (TAA) and driver professional development provider, DRVR Training, have partnered to ensure drivers and operators are up to speed on cleaning and sanitising requirements and standards needed to keep drivers and passengers safe.

TAA's national president André Baruch said at times like this the industry needed a cleaning standard and certification to give passengers confidence when they had no other options for travel.

"Taxis and other personalised transport operators are essential services and many vulnerable people in our communities already rely on them for day-to-day access to shopping and medical appointments," he said.


"It's vital that we keep taxis and personalised transport options on the roads to give these groups access to essential services."

DRVR Training director Jacqui Shephard said there was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the industry in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic.

"This is crucial training for drivers which is why we are offering it for free to all drivers."

”The course is designed to give them information on hygiene practices that will keep drivers and passengers safe, reassured and confident to use personalised transport now and into the future." she said.

The course gives drivers an understanding of the virus and why proper hygiene is important, practical instructions for sanitising vehicles and guidance for communication with passengers, dealing with sick passengers and those who need assistance.

Mr Baruch said as travel restrictions change over coming weeks, many people would find travelling to the supermarket or regular medical appointments increasingly difficult.

"It is the elderly, immune compromised and people with disability who will find increased travel restrictions particularly difficult, and it's important that we have, as an industry, a standard that ensures they are still able to get to appointments in the safest possible way." he said.

View course details at:

Feel Good Community Stories

A group of taxi drivers from Victoria are delivering any kind of package or parcel for businesses FREE of cost for the next few weeks. Thank you for your assistance!

Read the article here.

Join the national industry association - Transport Alliance Australia -"Working together as a cohesive network of industry stakeholders in the Australian commercial passenger transport sector."

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